Sex Therapy For Individuals and Couples

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Sex therapy is a broad, diverse domain.  Being sexual beings, we all have desires, interests and boundaries.   Depending on your needs and concerns, sex therapy can take place individually, or with your partner(s).  Sex therapy is used to treat a variety of issues that can affect your mental and emotional well-being. Sex therapy is intended to help you develop a healthy sexual identity and expression.  We also work with you to develop and enhance your understanding of your needs so that you can communicate and explain them with your partner. 

We are a sex-positive environment. 

Sexual Function Issues

With a plethora of medical interventions aimed at helping with physical issues like erectile dysfunction, it can be easy to assume that dealing with these things is a simple trip to see your physician.  However, we should not overlook the emotional effects of dysfunction which can lead to a loss of desire, or anxieties that can develop as a result.  Sometimes these can become bigger issues than the original physical dysfunction.  Physical and emotional issues can combine with each other in developing sexual dysfunction, each contributing to the other until we can't seem to untangle the knot.  

Emotional Intimacy

Sex is an important aspect of maintaining an intimate relationship.  Emotional intimacy supports sexual desire, and desire supports intimacy.  Companionship with your soulmate needs work to maintain it, and if you've lost that companionship, it can take effort to rebuild it.  

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Exploring your "kinky side" can be challenging.  Perhaps you spent the last several years telling yourself that it is not a big deal, or you have just reached a place in life where you finally feel free to explore.  Sex therapy can help you develop a clearer understanding of your sexuality and develop a healthy understanding of your needs so that you can communicate with your partners.

Sexual Minorities 

For all the gains made in the last couple of decades, members of the sexual minority communities still face marginalization and discrimination related to their sexual identity.  That can affect your ability to develop the healthy sexual relationships that are beneficial to your well-being.