Individual Therapy & Coaching

Why Individual Therapy?

Individual therapy is about helping you deal with a changing life in a positive, active way. Our world moves at a seemingly breakneck pace.  Workplace stresses can build up as we scramble to keep up with the changing landscape.  Even the news can be a stressor in our daily lives, with a seemingly inescapable torrent of drama coming across the screens daily.  Navigating our way through this rapidly changing world can be daunting.  

We grow and change as we go through life, and the stages we pass through often bring new challenges.  Becoming a parent, coping with the changes when our children become independent adults, or even the changes that happen just as a result of aging, can often be enormous challenges to our coping skills.  

Therapy isn't just about anxiety or depression.  Sometimes we find ourselves struggling to put together the pieces after a relationship has ended, or a loved one has passed away.  Job loss, sudden loss of a loved one, struggles with studies are among the many reasons to seek out a therapist.  

Using a combination of therapy techniques and coaching, we can help you get control over your life and make it into something that you want.  

Individual Therapy Can Help You Sort Out Life's Puzzles