Gender Diversity

Gender Diversity

For those that experience gender dysphoria, or are questioning their gender in any way, it can be a bewildering time in life.  The language has been shifting dramatically, and there are many resources available.  It can be a daunting process to sort out where you belong.  

Gender transition, no matter what your goals are, can affect all aspects of your life.  Experience has shown that it is far more than just a race towards medical interventions like hormones and surgeries.  We will work with you to address the challenges you find yourself facing in all aspects of your journey.  We want to help you make your life work successfully for you in all dimensions.

Support is important at all stages of working through gender identity issues.  Whether you are just starting to explore the issues you are facing; are in the midst of making the life changes that you need to make; or have gone as far as you need to, that doesn't always mean that you no longer benefit from therapeutic support.  Being part of the gender diverse community adds new factors to many aspects of life, and it is always useful to have someone to talk things through with who understands where those complexities come from. 

Experience counts.  At Dr. Miles and Associates, we have decades of experience working with gender diverse clients.

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Gender Diversity Training and Education

We offer both individual and group options for family, friends and colleagues to help you sort out your own questions and feelings.  Having transgender people in your life and work can raise questions complex questions that you may not have thought about before.  

For employers, we provide sensitivity training and consulting services to help you and your teams work effectively with transgender and gender non-conforming staff members.