Forensic Psychology

What is Forensic Psychology

Forensic Psychology is where mental health and the law meet. Forensic Psychology is used in legal proceedings to inform both lawyers and the courts with insight into the state and capabilities of an individual.  Forensic assessments are used to identify and explain behavioural issues, estimate risk to re-offend, the impact of being part of a marginalized population, and other factors which may be important in helping the court understand the case before them.  An assessment may also be used in civil litigation cases such as personal injury lawsuits.

A psychological evaluation may also be needed in order to receive a pardon (sealing of a criminal record), or in order to secure an exemption allowing a person with a criminal record to travel to the United States. 

Blind Justice Requires Forensic Assessment


Since 1996, Dr. Miles has been a board certified forensic examiner, and a Life Fellow of the American Board of Forensic Examiners.  He has testified in court in a wide range of cases.  He works extensively to establish how minority status affects individuals, as well as helping the courts understand the unique behavioural issues involved in a case.