Dr. JJ Miles – Professional Qualifications


  • PhDs in Clinical and Counselling Psychology - University of Calgary, 1980
  • The International Critical Incident Stress Foundation - Critical Incident Stress Management
  • BrainMasters - Neurofeedback/Neurotherapy:
    • QEEG (Qualitative Electroencephalogram)
    • Live Z-Score,
    • Neuroguide,
    • LORETA Live (3D, discrete, distributed, linear solution to the inverse EEG/MEG problem)
    • Brain Avatar
  • Post Secondary Violence Threat Risk Assessment Training Level 1.
  • Canadian Mental Health Association, Alberta Division - The Suicide Prevention Training Program.
  • Forensic Psychology training through multiple mentors.

Professional Memberships

  • College of Alberta Psychologists - Registered Psychologist #589
  • American Board Of Forensic Examiners - Life Fellow and Board Certified Forensic Examiner #8782
  • Canadian Registry of Health Service Providers in Psychology #944
  • International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF)
  • International Association for Counselling (IAC | IAC IRT)
  • International Society for Neurofeedback and Research
  • International Society for Study of Dreams
  • International Society for Trauma Stress Studies
  • Psychologists Association of Alberta
  • The Sex Information and Education Council of Canada

Clinical Experience

Clinical and Counselling Psychologist

Alberta:  40 years


  • survivors of sudden death (i.e. homicide and accidental), torture and trauma due to terrorism/abuse or accident (also known as Critical Incident Stress Management);
  • working with individuals with attachment disorder issues and entitlement issues;
  • sex therapy;
  • treating individuals with cross-gender issues (e.g., cross-dressing, transgender, and transsexuals). (40 years experience)

Psychologist,  University of Calgary

32 years

  • Main resource for assessment and treatment of Students with Disabilities;
  • Supervisor for sex therapy interns working in sexual abuse.

Clinical Director, On Track Treatment Services

(Formerly Magna Agency)
10 years

  • Training all staff, and treatment for at risk children.
  • Foster Parent training program in parenting skills for at risk children.

Alberta Psychological Resources

  • Co-Director, Child Sexual Abuse Treatment Program (4 years)
  • Sex Therapist with Calgary Marital and Sexual Therapy Clinic (a division of Alberta Psychological Resources) (9 years)
  • Workshop leader for Sexual Abuse Workshops across Canada.

Province of Alberta Social Services and Community Health, Family Planning

  • Consultant;
  • Co-lead sexuality workshops;
  • Developed and co-ordinated treatment program for child sexual abuse offenders/victims.

Forensic Psychologist (21 years) 

  • Active since 1996;
  • Accepted as an expert in clinical and counselling psychology all levels of court below Courts of Appeal in Alberta.

Calgary Family Court

  • Consultant specializing in working with sexual offenders and victims.

Health Information Research Unit, McMaster University Medical School

(since 2011)

  • Rater for MORE Psychology, EvidenceUpdates, and the Evidence-Based Journals

Los Angeles Unified School District

Special School for Disturbed and Disturbing (troubled) Youth

(3 years)

  • Vice-Principal;
  • Teacher / Counsellor.

Teacher / Counsellor

(7 Years)