JJ Miles


Dr. Miles has been a practicing psychologist in Calgary since the 1970s.  He came to Calgary in the early 1970s and started working on his PhD in psychology at the University of Calgary.  He opened the doors of his practice in 1975, and received PhDs in Clinical and Counselling Psychology in 1980.  He became a certified forensic examiner in 1996.

He is a dedicated single father. He is an active member of Avalanche Canada who can be found hiking in the Rocky Mountains west of Calgary all of the seasons.

Dr. JJ Miles


There are several goals that I have for my clients, all of which are based on my understanding of how peoples learn.

First, I believe that clients learn the best when they feel comfortable. I always try to create the kind of environment where clients feel encouraged to participate. 

Second, clients will retain more of what they learn in a session when they have invested in the process. To that end, I focus on active learning.  I always give practical homework to help consolidate things between sessions. 

Third, I believe that critical thinking skills are important to client success. Learning to see issues using critical thought and the logical processing of ideas are examples of active learning.

Fourth, clients learn better when their therapist models behavior that they seek to promote in their clients. As a therapist, I seek to model appropriate behavior, the role of constructive criticism and affirmation, and a love of learning to change for the better.  I believe my enthusiasm as a therapist to be contagious and effective role model.

Detailed Professional Qualifications Summary: here.

Areas of Practice

Forensic Psychology, Sex Therapy, Gender Identity, Couples & Family