About Us

Dr. J. J. Miles

Dr. Miles has been practicing in Calgary for over forty years.  He holds PhDs in Clinical and Counselling Psychology from the University of Calgary.  He works with both individuals and couples, with specializations in sex therapy, gender identity and relationship issues.

Al Roemer

Experience, Empathy, Compassion.

You are the expert in your own life.

I can help you connect with your own intuition and highest wisdom in order to bring about healing and empowerment.

Together, we can.

Michelle Shaw

I believe that we all have the ability to find our best answers.  Sometimes those answers have gotten lost amongst all the other disruptions in our lives. It can take some time and reflection to find them. As a therapist, I work with you to make the therapeutic journey home successful.

Michelle holds a MA in Counselling Psychology and is a Canada Certified Counsellor (CCC).

Mike Thompson

I'm a Pagan and Spirituality friendly counsellor.
I'm a 10 year Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces.
My area's of interest are Tramautic Stress, PTSD, LGBTQ and Trans-gender I'm comfortable doing both on-line and in-person counselling.

My therapeutic focus in counselling is based in Cognitive Behavioural and Rational Emotive therapies.